Why team up with Six Construct

At Six Construct, it is our mission to create added value ‘beyond the build’, meeting and exceeding quality requirements within planning and budget.

Our team goes above and beyond expectations, raising the bar within the construction industry.

Pierre Sironval
Managing Director, Six Construct

First-hand exchange between on-site teams and in-house engineering

Our project managers on site play a vital part in making this happen. As seasoned experts in civil, marine and building projects, they are endowed with the insights from the great diversity and complexity of our projects, both locally and on an international scale. They can rely on the expertise and creativity of dedicated engineers and technicians. Honoring the first time right principle, we ensure intense interaction between our on-site teams and in-house engineering and QHSE department for a flawless and safe execution.

Value Engineering

Six Construct is experienced in providing ‘value engineering’. This is a creative and holistic design approach that combines the insights of our multidisciplinary teams, benefiting the entire life cycle of a project. The goal is to limit building costs, maximally reduce risks and prolong a project’s life span without compromising the functional objectives. This is how we make a difference for our customers.

We always carry through, regardless of the challenges ahead

Pumping concrete at an altitude of more than 500 meters, realizing a 60,000 seat football stadium in merely 22 months, connecting 80,000 families to state-of-the art water treatment, managing a workforce of over 4,000 on site... We have overcome these and other challenges through our creativity and experience in managing complex situations.

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